30 the virtue of tarawih prayer

May 02, 2017

Salat Tarawih is a special sunnat prayer only in Ramadan. Tarawih in Arabic is a form of jama 'from ترويحة which is defined as "a moment of time to rest". The time of this sunnat prayer is after isya ', usually done in congregation in the mosque. There is also a virtue in tarawih prayer is as follows:
  1. From ali bin abi thalib ra that he said: the Nabi SAW was asked about tarawih virtues in the month of ramadan. Then he said:
  2. The believer comes out of his sin on the first night, just as he was born by his mother.
  3. And on the second night, he is forgiven, and also his parents, if both are believers.
  4. On the third night, an angel cries under Arsy "start charity, may Allah forgive your past sins".
  5. On the fourth night, he received a reward like the reward of reading Torah, gospel, zabur, and al-furqan (al-qur'an)
  6. On the fifth night, Allah Ta'ala give a reward like the reward of those who pray in the holy mosque, mosque madinah and aqsh mosque.
  7. On the sixth night, Allah Ta'ala gives the reward of the thawaf in the prosperous temple and begged for mercy by every rock and rock.
  8. On the seventh night, as if he reached the level of the Nabi Musa and his triumph over Fir'aun and Haman.
  9. On the eighth night, the god of ta'ala gave him what ever he gave to the Nabi Ibrahim
  10. On the ninth night, as if he worshiped the gods of Ta'ala as the worship of the Nabi.
  11. On the tenth night, Allah Ta'ala grants him the good of the 
  12. On the eleventh night, he came out of the world as he was born from his mother's belly.
  13. On the twelfth night, it comes on the Day of Resurrection while his face is full of bullet in the full moon.
  14. On the thirteenth night, he comes on the Day of Judgment in a state of safety from all ugliness.
  15. On the night of the fourteenth, the angels came while giving testimony to him, that he had performed tarawih prayer, then Allah did not suck it on the Day of Judgment.
  16. On the fifteenth night, he was prayed by the angels and the bearers (bearers) arsy and chairs.
  17. On the sixteenth night, Allah applied for him the freedom to survive from hell and freedom of entry into heaven.
  18. On the seventeenth night, he was rewarded as the reward of the prophets.
  19. On the night of the eighteenth, an angel cried out, "servant of Allah, verily Allah is pleased with you and to your father's mother.
  20. On the nineteenth night, Allah raised his degrees in paradise paradise.
  21. On the twentieth night, Allah rewarded the martyrs (shaheed martyrs) and shalihin (pious people)
  22. On the twenty-first night, Allah built for him a building of light.
  23. On the twenty-second night, he comes on the Day of Judgment in a safe state of every sadness and tribulation.
  24. On the twenty-third night, Allah built for him a city in heaven.
  25. On the twenty-fourth night, he received twenty-four prayers that were granted.
  26. On the twenty-fifth night, the god of ta'ala abolishes himself the doom of the grave.
  27. On the twenty-sixth night, Allah raised his reward for forty years.
  28. On the twenty-seventh night, he can pass the shirath on the Day of Judgment, like a lightning strike.
  29. On the twenty-eighth night, Allah raised him a thousand degrees in heaven.
  30. On the twenty-ninth night, Allah gave him the reward of a thousand days received.
  31. On the thirtieth night, Allah says "my servants, eat the fruit of heaven, bathe of the water of salsabil and drink from the waters of the kauthar, I am your Allah, and you are my servants.
So information that I can convey, may be useful for all of us. Do not forget to share, let everyone know the virtue of his tarawih prayer, let more spirit to do his tarawih prayer

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