The enchanting cliffs of the lampu'uk, the clear water of the reconciling beach

April 26, 2017

After yesterday I discussed freshwater destination which is quite popular in aceh bathing brayen. This time I will discuss about paradise scenery aceh located in the south west of the lamp'uk beach.

Who does not know this one beach, surely you who visit the banda aceh must know this beach, if you do not know or do not know you will lose.

Distance from city to location about 5 km or 1 hour drive by vehicle.

Which is interesting from this beach that is not too big waves so it is suitable for bathing the child so that the residents loka many provide rides like banana boat and so forth.

In addition to the waves are so absorbed feelings, water and wind are also fascinating that makes visitors will terlena to sleep because there are many in the provided small shacks provided by local residents.

The most amazing you can find a precipitous cliff just on the east coast. Supposedly this cliff is also one of the amazing phenomena. So you can capture the beautiful moments with your family, even your friends and even friends.

You can visit there every day, except Friday. And most visited by people on Sundays and holidays.
Here you can feel the clear water beach and white sand that is still natural. You can also find tourist inns from various countries that stop and want to stay there. For you who likes to surf can also try your experience there.

Besides you can enjoy the magnificent view of this cliff beach, you can also enjoy the culinary offered by local residents, one of which is the typical grilled fish that makes you addicted if you order a little. Hehehehe

That's a bit of my experience visiting the beach lamp'uk. Hopefully be your adventure reference

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