3 Things to Consider Before Working in a BUMN Company Working in a SOE Company

May 10, 2017

State-owned enterprises are still one of the most sought after by job seekers. Why not? In addition to supposedly offering a supposedly high salary, state-owned employees are also mentioned free impact of layoffs. No wonder this company is regarded as a promising career place.
Congratulations on the point of attraction, there are some challenges you must face if you decide to apply to a state-owned company. This challenge takes careful consideration, because you can weigh a few things.
What are these? Check out the following Jobplanet reviews:

1. A long training period

Early in your career at a state-owned company, you will be faced with months of training. During this time, you will undergo various training as a form of preparation before becoming an official employee of the company, which then ends with the stage of examination and submission of duties. The training period is still small, and it takes quite a while until you.

2. Placement of work area

Although many companies are headquartered in the Capital City, it is not necessarily where you are placed to work. It could be that you as a new employee placed outside the city. This means you have to wander and live away from your family. However, this is usually the recruiter's recruitment team from the start-for example at the interview stage-so you can decide whether to go back to the selection stage or not. If you agree, then be prepared for all forms of adaptation in the new area.

3. Seniority

Strongly structured management system makes SOE companies quite thick with a culture of seniority. This culture is not necessarily a bad thing, because it can be a learning for new employees-especially fresh graduates-to be more focused. Even so, there is also the possibility of colleagues who take advantage of opportunities for their personal interests that make space junior employees are limited, making it difficult to convey ideas, and also a better career.

Three of the above may make some people think twice to try out career opportunities in state-owned companies. However, if you refer to the results of Jobplanet research here, the number of names of state-owned companies managed to list the things that most attracted the attention of job seekers in 2016. That means, companies such as Pertamina, Bank Mandiri, Bank BRI, and Telkom are still loved by the Searchers work

Well, what about you? Are you challenged for a career in a state-owned company? If yes, do not forget to diligently search for job vacancy information and information about your dream company in Jobplanet. If you know what employees and ex-employees of your dream company are going to do, it will be easier for you to decide if the company is right for you or not.

sumber : Job Planet

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