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April 26, 2017

Island Islands in Aceh Singkil district of Aceh province. The total area is 27,196 ha. Pulau Banyak which consists of a cluster of islands directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean, precisely at the western tip of the island of Sumatra.

There are 99 pieces of islands in the cluster of Banyak Islands are very worthy of being developed into a mainstay tourist attraction. Includes underwater natural beauty and green turtles.

As an area of the archipelago, Pulau Banyak in addition to having a large enough sea is also a very long and beautiful beach, Pulau Banyak beach is not inferior to other beaches in Indonesia. White sand is softer, waving leafy coconut leaves increasingly beautify the atmosphere of sightseeing with tropical beach scenery. The beauty of Sunset panorama is also an exciting spectacle.

Many islands can be reached through Pulo Saruk Aceh Singkil village by ferry for 4 hours. From Medan City, you can ride a travel car with a price of Rp. 110.000 which will take you to Pulo Saruk Village by road for 8 hours. Or if you want, there is a Medan-Singkil flight using a small plane every Wednesday at a price of Rp. 140,000.

Medan – Singkil10.00Rp. 160.000
Singkil – Banda Aceh11.00Rp. 260.000
Banda Aceh – Singkil13.00Rp. 260.000
Singkil – Medan15.00Rp. 160.000
Check in 1 Hours Before Departure. Default Maximum In Allowed: 10kg. Excess Goods Will In Calculate app. Rp. 3,000 / kg. Transportation in Singkil from and To airport Using minibuses: Rp. 20.000, -.

Tourist facilities

  • Surfing 
There are 12 wave spots for surfing long enough and reach a height of 6 meters spread in Bangkaru island, Silingar tip and south of Tuangku Island. Surfing point is the most visited by surfers is the beach and beaches Amandangan Pelanggaran on Bangkaru island.

Island waves Many tease surfers first discovered by Marcus Keeshan in 2001. Which he then publicize the greatness of the waves of Bangkaru as the best surfing spot in the world. According to him the waves in this area is ideal for world class surfers because of the high reach 6 meters. So is the location. The water is cold, sharks are rare, where surfing is one to two meters above the reef and the season is relatively long.

  • Snorkeling
Enjoying the beauty of coral reef biodiversity is done in two ways. First, in the shallow waters by boat with the floor or the lower part of the boat is made up of translucent glass cups. Thus the boat passengers can see what is under the boat.

Secondly, by using dive gear especially for deep spaces that can not possibly be seen by a see-through boat that is Scuba Diving equipment.

Its launt beach serves nature views. The uniqueness of the sea in the form of coral reefs with distinctive marine flora and fauna of marine plants and coral fishes of various colors and various sizes. Some of the tourist areas in this area are Tailana Island Beach, Rago- rago, Sun, Pabisi and Sikandang. Most in this area is a beautiful place with a rocky beach and crystal clear water, so the corals that are at a depth of more than 3 meters are clearly visible from the boat.

  • Adventure Exploration 
is possible on Tuangku Island. Treking is a trekking walk through the forest while enjoying the beauty. Trips can start from Kampong Haloban and along the way tourists can see Kancil, Beo Nias, Squirrels, Forest Boar and Colorful butterflies. There is also Bat Cave and Swallow's Nest Nest.

Tuangku Island Forest is very interesting and still quite intact. Crocodile Porcus (Crocodylus Porosus) occasionally appears in the waters of the river in the jungle of Tuangku Island, its size is very large rarely found elsewhere. Besides it can also meet green turtles, leatherback turtles and hawksbill turtles.

The easiest access to Pulau Banyak is from Singkil Town, the capital of Aceh Singkil. Transport to Pulau Banyak is navigated by regular boats every Monday, Thursday and Friday. In addition, prospective passengers can also rent / rent a boat or speed boat.

To Go And Enjoy The Beauty Of The Many Island Islands, You Should Depart From March to August is the best time to visit Pulau Banyak. In this month the weather is sunny and the sea is calm and the best time for island hopping, kayaking and snorkling.

You do not have to worry about determining and transporting costs. You can hire travel services that provide the most complete facilities to accompany your vacation.

Here are some travel packages that provide special traveling tours to the island a lot.

Holiday package with friends
This type of package is special for you who want to vacation with friends. Either a schoolmate, a college buddy, a co-worker or even a life companion.
You can invite them up to 6 people for vacation for 3 days 2 nights with capital of 7 hundred thousands to 2 millions per person.

For those of you who have a family or want to invite vacation with family also there is a special package in the designation for you who have a family with tariffs ranging from 6 hundred thousands to 1.5 million only.
With capital is quite cheap we will get the facility

  • Ground transportation back and forth
  • Motorbike tickets (very) round trip
  • Home Stay (1 room 2 persons)
  • Eating during the holidays
  • Fullset snorkeling equipment of each person
  • Speedboat to get around the island destinations
  • Camera documentation
  • Safety equipment
  • Tour guide
  • Retribution / tourist tax
  • Grilled fish and souvenirs

To get the facility it all you do not need to be confused to find the information, because there are acquaintances as well as my colleagues you can contact via phone 085261010113 he has the name AGUS.

Well it does not feel too much I write, I think that information is enough to be your next holiday reference. Greetings and thanks

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