April 24, 2017

Aceh is an area rich in tourist attractions that are so amazing, there are many destinations that we can visit in the earth porch mecca Indonesian version of this. One of the destinations we must visit is the freshwater bath called BRAYEN. Yes Brayen is one such beautiful place and pamper every visitor who comes to enjoy the scenery under the foot of the mountain. Starting from the water flowing from the mountains is so clear up to the baths that many in interest by visitors to relax with family, girlfriend, friends and even for the organization. For tourists who come to aceh incomplete if it has not been to this one destination. Why did I say that? Because you can enjoy the rides that are provided there, ranging from inflatable boats, duck paddle to boat lodges to relax ria. Not only that you can rent the rides only with a very cheap budget, ranging from Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 50,000 an hour.
Maybe this destination has not been so widely known by the public, but you do not have to worry not to get to the place.

If you are from the city of Banda Aceh you can go to the South West city of Banda Aceh precisely in Gampong Leupung Aceh Besar. Indeed, the location of this tour rather into the interior into the valley of the mountains, but you will not be difficult to find this place, because in addition to easy to reach the streets into the location is also very good and adequate because it has been paved until the location. You can drive with two wheels or four wheels by paying entrance fee of Rp. 5.000 / motor or Rp. 15,000 / four wheel drive vehicles.
Once inside you will be greeted by the wide field of paddies that we passed, with the air so cool you can enjoy the incredible sensation, the air is still natural because it is in the middle of the foot of the mountain is so high towering. When starting to enter the air location will feel very cold because it is still protected with forest trees are still awake and authenticity.
If you bring a two-wheeled vehicle, you will be charged an additional fee to park the vehicle for Rp. 2,000 per unit. You do not have to worry about leaving the vehicle because it is definitely safe. My advice to keep locking the handlebars and not to leave valuables in the vehicle, to prevent better than regret later.
After you can touch the water is so clear and natural I am sure you want to quickly nyebur and bathe. My suggestion before the bath you have to order a cup of hot drink to drink after you soak.
Well if you want to visit there my suggestion to visit during hot and sunny weather, because if we visit in the time of cloudy or rainy weather it will be in vain because we will not be able to bathe and enjoy the bath.
So many stories from me may be a reference to make it in Aceh

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