Penggunaan Each us Every

May 29, 2017

In English grammar we often encounter the same word, have the same meaning but different usage. Therefore from this time I will share a few words in the intent.

Each and Every 

Each and every word is used to denote the singular number of a noun in English. Each and every followed by singular count nouns (singular nouns that can be counted) is not a plural noun or a noun that can not be calculated.

The first use of the word

Each (masing-masing)

In the use of this word we can distinguish by two methods
  • For a small number
  • for two things
That is, in the use of  Each word is used for the number of small or small nouns. But explains more than two things

e.g : 
- there are four books on the table, each book is a different colour
- in football match, each team has 11 players

Every (sering)

This word is a single word. So in use you should use a single verb

This word is used with two methods:
  • for a large number 
  • to say how often something happens
- Ari like reading, he reads every book in the library
- I eat apple every day

That's a little way of using each and every word in the sentence, may be useful

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