Things to note before entering the world of work (concept of psychology)

July 04, 2017
In choosing a job whether in government offices or in acompany, there are some aspects to be aware of. In inidonesia, in general, it often happens in the choice of job, sch considerations are ignored, because the lack of understanding the role of the factors for job satisfaction. Or maybe it is also forced to be ignored, because of the circumstances that force, such as finding a job is difficult, so people are forced to accept employment with any conditions.
In this connection, there are some thoughts that should be questioned at the moment we are looking for, or select a job. Thougt it was among others are thinking about the factors and reputation of the company name, type of works, safety, workplace conditions and workers.
The influence of the above factors will be different for people with one another. This difference is caused by the differences in personality possessed by each person. But according to psychologists investigation, the above factors are relatively the same effect on most people.

company name
The name of company which we are working determines the stability and working spirit. Normally when we work on a company with a good reputation, so we did not hesitate to answer the questionn of where we work. Even it will arise a sense of pride within the institution or company employees in which we worked. But if we work and receive lack of award from the community or have lack of good reputation, we usually somewhat reluctant to answer questions people have about our work.

type of work
In search of job, the type of work matches is a factor that must also be taken into account. Search information on the ins and outs of the job before we start working on the job is essential. The type of work that is extremely diverse, ranging from the most exhausting job types tothe most relaxing type of work, from the simple to the modern. In addition there is a job that can provide high income and high social status as well, but did not provide job satisfaction to employees.
It is generally considered that the purpose of the work is imply to make money, so the greater the salary is given, the more interested people are in the job. This is because the needs of human to eat, drink, clothes and housing will be met if a person has money. So most people think that money is everything, if we have the money then we could have manythings.
But the results of the investigation of psychologists in the company, it is sufficient if the salary is modest, then the salary is not the main factor that is chased by people in work. More people tened to think about the type of job, social status and employment opportunities to advance despite a low salary.
Job type favored by an emplyees depends on the emplyees personal and public perception on the job itself.

Security works
In indonesia, in general, people are not happy with the work that evokes the notion of low social satus, the were happier with work that is clean, as a typist in the office or company, although with low income.
Based on investigations in western countries, sallary is only the third ranks as a factor that stimulates people to work. While the most important factor in motivating to work is a sense of security and opportunity for advancement in his job.  
The need for security is a major factor in a person. When people feel thmselves insecure, then the resulting psychiatric reactions such as an anxiety, fear wthout reason an so on. Sometimes when security has been less so, arose bodily reactions such as headaches, fever, abdominal pain or other psychosomatic state.
Since childhood, the need of security has already existed. Parents  are the people who can bring a sense of security, the need to eat, drink, clothing and the need for protection can be obtained from the parents. But once we are apart from their parents, we should seek to meet the needs of those needs that we have to work. Often the absence of a permanent job, people become anxious and felt unsafe. He is worried about its survival in the future.
Therefore, in choosing a job, we have to think about choosing a permanent job, because the job will ensure a lasting source of living expenses. Often we find jobs that provide a great income, but do not guarante our life needs for the long term. For example,k on the chartering. Such job is often threatened with bankruptcy, consequently we could lose jobs immediately.
In general, people feel more secure in the civil service, because although a small income, but the job will not be any lasting and arbitrary termination.
Thus the sense of safety in a job will be obtained, if we are confident that we will continue to work there. Therefore, in choosing a job, longevity possibilities of a company needs to be taken into account.

Workplace and work conditions
Conditions in the places wher we work are also a huge influence factor on the spirit of work. Workplace conditions that allow hazards, such as dust, wheels spinning machine, usually cause morale to be low. Good working conditions are characterized by a fairly good air circulation, bright lighting and lamps away from the noise disttof work, other than that a good layout and a beautiful color, very awake and success make employees enjoy working. Working at such environment will increase the motivation to work.
Other factors that influence positive attitudes towards work are the ones that exist in our work environment. If our workers are compact, warm hearted and fun weusually enjoy working and we have fun and happiness in work.
Humans have a dynamic nature. They always want to getsomething higher degree. We can see this fact in our study since elementary school, junior high, senior high and up to college. We are not satisfied when only finished junior high school, but we want to move on to high school or college if possible. At a workplace, suchh cicumstances also always happen. We are not satisfied to be subordinate, as we want to be a boss. In other words, we want to move up to a higher level.
Fromm the incestigation of psychologists in a company, it turns out to be low job satisfaction when employees have never been promoted, while employees feel has been accomplished and hope these accomplishments are recognized by his superiors. With such recognition, it is fulfilled psychologycal needs of emplyees to excel.

It often happens that there are companies that do not provide the opportunity for advancement for emplyees. As a result, emplyees felt he was not advanced in his career. Of course, this kind of employee, his spirit will be low. That is why we have to think about the possibilty of a promotion at work.

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