The Situation of SMA Negeri 1 Gunung Meriah

May 12, 2017

SMA Negeri 1 Gunung Meriah is one of the favorite schools in Aceh Singkil district, precisely in Suka Makmur village, Gunung Meriah District.
High school is a very memorable time for me. Everybody will think the same as me if they have gone through her high school. I myself would love to go back to that period where I can play with peers who might be able to say the first puberty. During that time I can move at will without thinking bad things, the most important in the mind can be gathered with friends.

One time I was late to go to school, because the rain and the gate happened to be closed by the officer of the school guard. Without hesitation I immediately jumped the fence regardless of the principal was paying attention to my behavior. That's when I was caught by the principal for jumping school fences. Without a shrug of the headmaster called me and was given a gift of 25 verses lecture to dizzy listening. Then in law to cite garbage all over the schoolyard alone. sadistic.

But I am glad to be in high school because I can receive many knowledge given by the teachers. Although at the time I was not very indifferent to the lessons the teacher gave me but a little bit went in the head. Hehehe

In this school we can find a classroom that is so comfortable, with a classroom layout of a young orange that makes the learning environment so comfortable, plus the vasilitas table that is still new at that time.

From the corner of the school yard we can see many plants flowers are deliberately planted by the students.

basketball court
In addition to the spacious yard there is also a basketball court right in the middle of the school yard with a flagpole in the right corner to hold flag ceremonies every Monday.

From the back corner we can see a school canteen lined up with various foods and beverages.
What about your favorite snacks in high school?
If I still like snack indomie boiled in with 1 pack of cassava chips. Hhmm nyami ..

Okay now we drove to the room of teachers, at that time the teachers in high school still a little room not too big but with vasilitas less support the teachers are able to make and the best for the student

After a few years I studied there, there is a new development of 2 pieces of teacher room and 1 piece for computer laboratory and 1 piece for art building.

You can also find a large mosque in the school neighborhood which is still under construction. Maybe now it is very good school environment.

The distance from my home school is very far and even to be reached by using a motorcycle between 30 minutes.

Now it's almost 7 years I left the school and have not visited at all. Hopefully a lot of improvement in terms of environment and how to learn to teach.

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